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Hūnua Traverse to open 1 December

The Hūnua Traverse will open in full on Friday 1 December, providing a 44.5km two-way link between Auckland (Clevedon) and Waikato (Kaiaua) via the stunning Hūnua Ranges Regional Park. Following last summer’s gnarly weather, the...

What to expect on the Hūnua Traverse


The Hūnua Traverse is a 44.5-km two-way ride with a total elevation gain of 1,100m+

It encompasses public and private roads between Clevedon Village and Kaiaua on the Seabird Coast. The majority (26km) of the Hūnua Traverse follows Watercare service roads within the Hūnua Ranges Regional Park.
Encompassing steep bush-clad hill climbs, two scenic reservoirs and two picturesque campsites, the Hūnua Traverse is set to become one of Auckland’s best gravel & road rides. Perfect for ebikes, the terrain is also fantastic for riders of analog bikes with an adequate level of fitness.

• The Hūnua Traverse is shared-use: Expect vehicles, cyclists, runners and walkers. It is important to keep left at all times.

• Parts of the Hūnua Traverse are steep and slippery. Some corners are sharp and off-camber.
Please control your speed and descend with care.

What’s the weather doing for the next 7 days?

Be prepared. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you proceed.


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