End to End

Kaiaua to Clevedon

The official trail head in Kaiaua is opposite The Pink Shop – a local treasure.
We recommend you start your ride here, where ample car parking is available on the coast, and public toilets are located adjacent to the Pirate Ship playground.
Please note that this is an on-road ride; there are no dedicated cycle paths.



Point your bike south and ride aprox 700m on-road to Kaiaua Road, where you’ll turn right and start a gentle climb over 5km. Turn right onto Workman Road where the gravel begins. You’ll gently climb along 4km of unsealed and picturesque roads to the Workman Road vehicle gate, where a small amount of additional carparking and toilets are available.

Here you’ll also find a Trail information map. Cell phone service from here on in is patchy, so if you haven’t already downloaded a trail map we recommend taking a photo of it here.


Enter the Hūnua Ranges Regional Park via the cycle gate and travel up to the top of the dam wall (a quick detour along the wall the Wal McQuarrie Visitor Centre is highly recommended).


Continue uphill to the bike hygiene station. Please wash your bike – you are entering a high-value kauri forest and we need your help to protect this population.


From the carpark, the climb begins in earnest. You’ll climb 3km to the highest point of the Hūnua Traverse (that’s 281m of climbing at an average gradient of +13%). Keep your eyes peeled for signs to the Mangatangi Trig campground – here you are likely to find limited cell phone reception. This also marks the begining of your descent. Please test your brakes; you’re going to need them. Descend safely; control your speed and keep left. Remember this is a shared road and you should expect to see vehicles and other riders.

If you’re looking for extra kilometers, on your left at the bottom of the descent you can access the Valley Loop via Graeme White Road, exiting Manning Roads which will add approx 5km of great rolling gravel. Beware the stream crossing.


Continue along Mangatangi Hill Road (aka A R A Drive), following the Nga Haerenga orientation signs to a short length of single track which will take you to a bike wash station at the Upper Mangatāwhiri Valley.

Here you’ll find vehicle access, toilets, camping and BBQ facilities as well as a family- friendly MTB skills park.


Important: Keep left and beware cyclists descending. Use the mirrors supplied at blind corners.


Continuing north, enter Waterline Road via the bike gate and wash station at the base of the dam wall. Please sterilise your bike again here – the Upper Mangatawhiri Valley is a busy entrance and therefore a high risk area for pick up kauri dieback disease on your shoes and tyres.


A punchy uphill takes you to the winding edge of the scenic Upper Mangatāwhiri Reservoir, one of the most scenic sections of the Hūnua Traverse. Enjoy. Your next climb begins in earnest at Ernie’s Track.


Continue to the top of Keeney Road. Please avoid the temptation of exploring side roads; for H&S reasons these remain strictly closed. At the top of Keeney turn left onto Plows Road. 1km on, at the intersection of Moumoukai Hill Road and Mackenzie Road check the date:

  • During weekdays; avoid logging trucks and exit the Hūnua Ranges Regional Park via Moumoukai Hill Road and Ness Valley, returning to Clevedon via open roads (high-traffic roads, suited to experienced riders only).
  • Weekend riders; enjoy the undulating Mackenzie Road, which exits back onto public roads at the top of Otau Mountain Road. The 8km descent back to Clevedon is stunning, but make sure you keep left, share with care and be aware of driveways.

Follow the onroad signage back to Clevedon. Stay a while – there’s lots to enjoy in this little rural village www.clevedon.co.nz



44.5km from Kaiaua to Clevedon Village


1150m elevation gain in total


Approx 13km sealed, 32km unsealed


Open 7 days. Weekday access along Otau Mountain Road is not recommended due to logging activity; please use Ness Valley Alternate Access.


Due to challenging elevation gains and slippery descents, the time to ride the Hūnua Traverse will vary greatly depending on rider ability and type of bike.


18km public roads, 26km Watercare service roads within the Hūnua Ranges Regional Park


Kaiaua township (on the coast, north of the Pink Shop, adjacent the toilets), Workman Road entry gate, Upper Mangatāwhiri Valley.


Kaiaua Trail Head (opposite The Pink Shop), Workman Road carpark, Wal McQuarrie Visitor Centre, Mangatangi Trig campground, Upper Mangatawhiri campground, Moumoukai Hill Road carpark, Clevedon Hall.


  • Mangatangi Hill Road (A.R.A Drive),
  • Bike Skills at Upper Mangatāwhiri Valley,
  • Waterline Road,
  • Moumoukai Hill Road (weekday alternate access),
  • Ōtau Mountain Road (weekend access)


Two campground are available directly on the route; Mangatangi Trig Campground and Upper Mangatāwhiri Campground (refer route map). A third campground is located at the bottom of the Valley Loop.

Please note – Hūnua Ranges Regional Park has a year round open fire ban. Light no fires.


Beware vehicles on all roads 24/7. Beware steep very steep gradients and sharp corners with big hill climbs on unsealed roads. It is steep and slippery. Some corners are sharp and off-camber.


Please stay off all side roads, as indicated by signage.


  • Enjoy riding the dam walls.
  • Visit the Wal McQuarrie Visitor Centre at Mangatangi Reservoir.
  • Check out the Valley Loop for 5km extra riding and some sweet single track.