Trail Status - Limited Access

Distance and Elevation gain guide

Limited cell phone reception on the Hūnua Traverse – Remember to download a map before you ride.

  Important information – Please read 

Weekday Closures

The Clevedon to Ōtau Mountain Road section is OPEN weekends and public holidays only.

Closed to cyclists on weekdays due to logging activities on Ōtau Mountain Rd. Strictly no parking at the top of Ōtau Mountain Rd.

Alternate Access Routes

Alternative on-road links to various entry points of the Hūnua Traverse are indicated on the map as Alternate Access Routes.

Due to high traffic volumes and speeds (up to 80km/hr), these roads are not suited to novice riders and do not form part of the official Hūnua Traverse Ngā Haerenga Heartland Ride.